G Dur Klangfeld Bass

Wechselschlag Akzente 1234

My baby just cares A Dur Original Line

Money – Pink Floyd

I Wish – St. Wonder

Californication – Red hot chili peppers

Walkabout – Red hot chili peppers

Higher ground – Red hot chili peppers vers

Smiling Faces – Incognito

If this bass could talk – Stanley Clarke

Something got me started – Simply red

Moonbeam Woman – Freak power

Could you be loved – B.Marley

Still a friend of mine- Incognito

Lovemachine – Supermax

Black Velvet – Allanah Miles

If you have to ask R H C P

Jig a Jug- Joshua Redman

Are you in – Incubus

You had me – Joss Stone

Thrill is gone – BB.King

Colibri – Incognito

De Camino Candela – Buona Vista

Easy Lover – Phil Collins

Too young to die – Jamiroquai

Smooth Operator – Sade Smiling

Faces – Incognito

Just Kidding – Michel Camillo

Aquarius – Hair

all of me – Oscar Petersen

Blackbird Neu


Family Groove

Journey to the end of the east bay Tabs

Mr Pink


No Roots Tabs

Sir duke B Tabs

Stir it up Orig.

Whatever it is ……….Jamiroquai